First visit
On the initial consultation an in depth history is taken.In some cases where extra medical information or examinations are required,you will be referred back to your General Practitioner with a letter of request.In most cases you will be then examined which can include orthopaedic and neurological test to locate the problem. This will be explained to you as the tests are being done. After this you will be given your diagnosis ( what the problem is) and a prognosis ( how your complaint will be treated and what you can do to help your specific problem). Usually after these procedures are completed and fully understood a treatment will follow. The techniques that will be applied during treatments will be fully explained to you.


The initial consultation usually takes up to 40 minutes.A treatment is normally 20 to 30 minutes and involves soft tissue work ( massage) to the local area,some times traction for neck and low back pain( for disc problems) and mobilisation to the effected joints or the chiropractic “adjustment”.
You will be given an advice on how you can help your self on a long term basis such as postural/ sleep relief techniques and specific exercises to do at home.

Most common issues with back pain.

The most common reasons for back and neck pain may vary from a bulging disc,osteoarthritis ( wear and tear) to injury, weak surrounding muscles / repetitive strain poor posture inactivity and being overweight.In all these cases the muscles,joints and nerves may become inflamed and irritated.

In modern life we all tend to sit more from an early age.Sitting is one of the highest forces through the low back. As the musculature tire we tend to “C” curve between our shoulders with our head in forward position.Muscles are like the strings in a puppet, they are responsible for moving the joints and are all connected directly and indirectly. Therefore, they start pulling on other muscles and joints and sometimes making you feel the pain is”travelling “to other areas.Over time the muscles can weaken and can lead to dysfunction of the joints and the problem tends to reoccur. In some cases worn joints and discs can give symptoms of arm or leg pain,tingling or numbness.

Getting regular exercise keeps our weight down reducing the load on the spine.It also helps to keep the muscles toned and healthy so it can both support our spines well and move our joints correctly.keeping well hydrated and having a well balanced diet is also very important for repair at a cellular level.