Maintenance: as the symptoms of pain resolve the visits are stretched out.This is to ensure the symptoms do not return and to maintain the healing process.Some patients like to make an appointment when they feel a “niggle and others prefer to keep a regular maintenance program. This will be discussed with the patient during treatments as to which suits them and their lifestyle best.

Exercising is an integral part of keeping well and healthy.This is also discussed with the patient as symptoms resolve.Its best to pick an activity that is enjoyed rather than a chore as it is more difficult to continue with a chore! Exercise sheets are also available at the clinic.However, Pilates and yoga classes are fantastic for stabilising the core muscles in the low back and maintaining suppleness while socialising in a weekly class.

A lot of people recognise that it is a “must” to build their exercise regime into their daily life. This keeps their spine and joints supported and they recognise that, when they break their usual routine problems begin to resurface more than usual.

Treating extremities.
This includes shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle. This involves gentle mobilisation or mobilisation of the joint.It gently moves the joints allowing more free movement.